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What can I say?

Would give it a full 10 if I knew what was the whole point of the movie. I mean, i got most of it but the ending just made me confused, like: Was it a dream after all? Or like in the Matrix, where people think what they saw was a dream but was actually real? Well, details aside, I really liked it. Suits my style, although I have to say it won't be as creepy as most of David Firth's work. I mean, that guy is a genius! I think you kind of put too much "evilness" and randomness in it. But it was good, and I expect to see more like it, if you're willing to!


Too bad he got locked up. Well at least he managed to kick the ball without Lucy pulling it out of the way! =D.


Even I didnt realize how many games PS had. But im pretty glad u didnt forget Onimusha (freakin awesome game) and Tekken (favorite fighting game. and im buying the 6th one). Well, that song perfectly fits me, cuz 80% of my friends prefer Xbox 360 -.-. They don't freaking know what they're missing! Anyways, 10/10 5/5, and i hope you keep up with the "PlayStation awesomness" videos.

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I liked it. nice gameplay and average graphics. BTW what's the name of the song in the very first level?

loved it

really entertaining but id like to know the name of the music that plays when ur talking to the dance contest woman when ur about to register. that song was used in "Pico Pride" as well but it didnt say tyhe name of the audio. plz someone tell me. ty :D

Strategically talking...Great!

It is a good game and i loved the audio (i'd ask you could u please tell me the name of the song? thank you) but it could really have more options than now. Like making the virus resistant from drugs you could make some "bad drugs" (developed by dumb doctors, witch live on poor countries which have worse education - some kind of stuff ill mention down here) that make'em even stronger. you could use the Situation of every country like : Rich countries got more chances to survive, and poor countries got less and bla bla bla... and also, you could make the "actual situation" : if more then 3/4 of the population dies, there's about 25% of chances to develop a cure, if 1/2 of the country pop. dies there's 50% chances of developing a cure and there goes. And to finish this, you could make the countries situation more realistic like: Greenland is cold so if my virus isnt cold resistant it will easily die, Africa is hot, and there goes.
It's a wonderful game and, as a lot of users say, it could have a save option :P
well, 5/5 10/10 good game and i hope you release Pandemic 3, but this time, way better :D!

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Dude, this song is in perfect harmony. I feel i could play it in my Ipod forever, for some reason...well, my favorite part is at 1:22. it sounds kinda inspirational and "makes you wanna fly" i dunno :/. BTW, Favorite and downloading! 10/10 5/5!

Relaxing and great song!

this song is great to take out stress or to hear on Saturdays afternoon ends with that amazing sunset that everyone that comes tires and stressed from school or work. So calm and peaceful. like the ones u might wanna hear in those Japanese temples or Chinese or whatever :P but overall great music, going to my favs and ill put it on my PSP,Ipod ,and on my PC :)

Gillenium responds:

Glad you like! I might play this one live for Youtube sometime. Thanks for the review.


rly cool. and kanye west sux balls anyways.

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But why don't you try adding some skin-colour ink in the torso part. Would look a lot better. :D.

MoriChax responds:

It is actually a skin tone fabric. But the the lighting flushed the color out. :(


...And why do I have the impression ive seen it somewhere? Oh well. Nice work!

Ninjkabat responds:

Well, that I can't tell you. Maybe you saw me post it in a journal or on the art forum ('cause I have, both places), but I've definitely never seen this before I drew it.

Maybe my effort to make a general tropical island babe just worked too well.

Just some dude who wants to become a voice actor, audio engineer and one day open up a studio aimed at the little guy! I've been an avid fan of NewGrounds since my teens. Figured I'd give my profile another shot :D My Discord ID is: Tanekoshima#0703

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