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Just some dude who wants to become a voice actor, audio engineer and one day open up a studio aimed at the little guy! I've been an avid fan of NewGrounds since my teens. Figured I'd give my profile another shot :D My Discord ID is: Tanekoshima#0703

Taneko @Tanekoshima

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Figured I'd give my ol' NewGrounds profile another go, I've been getting into voice acting and audio engineer lately and I remembered how cool it was seeing voice actors make a career start on this site, this wonderful, WONDERFUL website that shot my boredom dead many years ago ♥

Obviously had to remove a lot (and by a lot I mean ALL) of my old posts here, so if it seems weird that I only have this and the last 2014 post, that's the reason. Also, I can't really delete my reviews of stuff, but they aren't as bad as my old News posts bahahaha

Either way, I can be found in the links posted here in my profile, if you need a voice actor or an audio engineer, my demos can be found on SoundCloud or my CCC profile! Hope they're to your liking.

Also, huge shoutout to Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), Rina-chan and Joshua Tomar (Tomamoto) for being the three biggest inspirations I had on this site growing up!

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